Tuesday, March 27, 2007

living along the margins

My soul lies awake tonight as if it has never known rest.
It lies awake at the memory of your name.

The recesses of my mind echo with but one sound.
Your name echoes in the recesses of my mind.

I am allowed no rest, no sleep.
You have taken, with you, my rest, my sleep.

At the sacrilege of voicing thought, the stars burn out.
Your name allows no utterance and thus I remain mute.

I live haunted and bound wide-eyed.
Your name haunts me and I live not if not to be bound.

I am reborn with the knowledge of your name.
With knowledge only of your name, I am still-born.


Cocaine Jesus said...

it would seem that you have gone into some sort of creative overdrive!!
all for the good too!

cargwaps said...

creative overdrive? haha. hardly. ^__^ thank you thank you!

anonymous moose said...

You're on a roll! Go!

Haunted by names of people long gone. They touched our lives of a moment, but their names remain etched in our memories for the rest of our lives. we can never truly and completely forget, can we?

cargwaps said...


that's a different take on the poem. i was actually pertaining to a good kind of haunting, perhaps one accompanied by burgeoning attraction? haha!

but do what you will with the poem. it demanded to be written so i let it use my hands. i'm not it's master. :) and its meaning isn't dictated by my own understanding. =1