Sunday, April 01, 2007

you aren't that different from me

you aren't that different from me.
when your hands reach down to touch mine,
they have substance, weight, and a texture
almost exactly like my own.

when you speak and my eyes remain still,
beneath lids tainted with the pigments of the earth,
i find denotation and sound aren't changed
despite our stark contrast in shade.

you aren't that different from me.
my world isn't a canvas dictated by color,
by slants, by intonation, and height.
you aren't that different from me but there is difference still;

i perceive depth despite.


Rax said...

"beneath lids tainted with the/pigments of the earth,"

exquisite image. i like the references to physics. ending packs a punch. good write

cargwaps said...

thanks rax. hay. nawawala na ang lahat sa blogging world. =1 hope you're doing well. ^__^

Rax said...

onga tahimik na talaga. anyway, i moved some of the mushy stuff sa Afterglow daan ka :) post ka ulit, la na ko kausap sa blogs. enjoy your day.

_Soulless_ said...

Here I come with pots and pans. *clang, clang*

Missed ya, Car. Tag-ulan na. Nabulabog na hibernation ko. Haha. Make some noise a.s.a.p. *hug*