Sunday, March 08, 2015

10's for 2's

Hannibal is at the gates
The city throws them wide open

Welcome, enter, ravage, pillage
Stained hands trembling

To the victor goes the spoils
Treasures for rot, 10's for 2's

Thursday, March 05, 2015


it is the warm and the cold
meeting, merging, separating
broken apart by densities
thermodynamics, scientifics

the meeting of your cold, my warmth
reversed in the other's recounting
a building storm, a typhoon, a monsoon
uprooting unintended untended roots
of our convictions, foundations

a drawn-out calamity
that my spirit longs to unravel in
you are an opposing pole - irresistible
unhinging loose resolutions

of emptiness

dreamless sleep
unseen minutes
from a month, a lifetime ago

a field of green
devoid of the games
young hearts play, a longed for time ago

four fingers
spaces between
thumb resting on air, a lifetime now

left side of the bed
piled high with pillows
oh to be empty again, a longed for time now

Monday, March 02, 2015


To be human and paint the earth with the full spectrum of our emotions
To be mortal and savor the myriad ways of escaping non-existence
To be sentient and dream of the path to touch the divine

It is overrated and burdensome.
Oh, that I were a starfish instead.

of silence

flickering questions
posing as vivid reminiscence
shared moments changing hands
unowned, scattered
like orphaned children
left hungry, yearning for love
in backstreets with noone to find them

unanswered doubts
disguised as threadbare hope
beautiful, my adored,
dressed in the cloth of
whispered dreams
built too high for even sleep
to climb, to reach, to fulfill them

I'll leave the light on when I go