Sunday, February 12, 2006

humor me

i make sure to check my messages alone
preparing myself for an onslaught
of updates on the rules of a god
you both failed to abide by.

in the anticipation, i feel a familiar ache.
i escape into darkness as i wait for what is already before me,
closing my eyes, leaning back, massaging my temples
to ease a migraine eighteen years in the making.

and when realisation creates an itch to deep to scratch,
scanning the contents, i feel myself tremble.
tremble with the irony of what we’ve become.
tremble with the mirth of your hypocrisy.

and when i can control it no more, i release
the laughter that can no longer be contained.
I laugh so hard that tears run down.
I laugh so hard that tears run down in torrents.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


the memory of all that was ever good
remains intact, unbroken, unopened
within the noise and fortresses
of this empty form

and here it will stay
until it is ready to pass into oblivion
until i am ready to let go