Sunday, March 25, 2007

still frames

your hands draw forth mechanic whirring
with short outbursts of electromagnetic radiation
streaming from flights of infinitesimal beelzebubs
wrapped in metal casings

i am amused, enthused, brought to laughter
imploring to remain within the ritualistic frameworks
of you paying homage to me or a likeness thereof
mirroring two-dimensional affectations on chemically-coated paper

i exist through captivity, imprisoned in dark rooms:
refuge to stolen souls sucking breath out of otherwise healthy men.
i exist through you. in a vacuum created from sensitised metal
requisitioning cognition and thought, incapable yet still smiling


anonymous moose said...

Would it be that we were not simply pictures of ourselves to others, but unique flesh and blood creatures that live and breathe. ;)

Ako, magpapakilala? Hehehe. I'm fine with how things are.

Dalas-dalasan mo naman ang posts mo! :)

cargwaps said...

wouldn't it be best if we could be just that?

sorry i don't get to post as much. i admit to being a wee bit guilty for neglecting this blog. nawawala na kasi sila blue rogue at soulless kaya medyo malungkot na rin ang mundo ng blogspot. =1