Saturday, September 17, 2005

Once upon a time

Walt Disney ruined my life. All this talk of true love and happily ever-afters. All the dreams of having prince charming come and sweep me off my feet to take me to a haven full of blurred flowers and yellow butterflies. All their poor little princesses who eventually get their perfect lives together in the end.

It would have been so easy to tell who prince charming was. The first guy to come along who looks just about ready to go fight a fire-breathing dragon just to receive a perfumed handkerchief from your dainty hands would be mr. regular-everyday-prince-charming. The only problem would have been locating the nearest fire-breathing dragon.

But alas, as is the sickness of youth today, I fell for the immortal joke of good old Mr. Walt Disney. How was I supposed to know that the ride into the sunset does not go on? Who was supposed to tell me that the story continues to include twelve children and an oversized prince who apparently forgot the important concept of moderation? When will I learn that nothing and nobody changes? Those who hurt you aren't under a spell that can be broken overnight. No. Not even if I wait a lifetime, it will not change and I do not have the power to break the curse we have stumbled into. No amount of shooting stars or waiting for a fairy godmother will do the trick.

How much longer before I get tired of this?

of you?


Blueprincesa said...

I have asked myself those same questions many many times. By the way, I read an article a little while back in the summer issue of Radar magazine called "Wild Kingdom: The Dark Heart of Disney," which thoroughly amused me. It was all about what really goes on amongst those people you see in Disneyland wearing the costumes, the silent smiling princesses and the handsome, handsome princes. One of the guys who was a "character" decided to make a pretty funny movie, which you can watch at if you want. Might cheer you up a bit.

grunherz said...

Disney stuff sets us up from a long ago time when all the problems of our domestic lives were supposed to be hidden from view and we were supposed to put on a fake face and move on doing our parts.

Those times have passed and everyone in the world shares similar feelings.

As alone as you can feel, you're really not as alone.

Because we all feel the same way.

If that makes any sense.

cargwaps said...

thanks grunherz!^_^ i don't feel so alone anymore. how's the ex-intern doing? can't wait to read more about her. lolz!

hello blueprincesa! i'll be sure to check that site later. you also got me curious about that article. i'll try to look for it. i hope i find it. if i do, i'll be sure to tell you. ^___^ thank you for dropping by!

ga said...

ei, ga!:D

Andrea said...

Literature and film, have given us a wrong idea of what love is.

I think dreaming about prince charming, coming along to take us away from an unhappy life, is an escape. I have done it a lot of times, with terrible results. My fantasy makes me blind to who the other person really is.

We can't change others, but we can change ourselves by learning to look at life in a different way.

Hugs beautiful!!


cargwaps said...

ga? hmmm... heidi ikaw ba yan? hehe. hello! thank you for visiting! ^_^

andrea, thank you! "but we can change ourselves by learning to look at life in a different way"
this is perfect! prince charming isn't changing any time soon but happily-ever-after could only be a slight change in perspective away. *hugs right back*