Monday, September 05, 2005

It was worth going to class for

I was in class last Thursday and although I'm sure most of my classmates found the lecture very interesting, I had a tough time keeping my lids open.

*note to self: Erik Erikson's psychosocial stages of development makes for very good reading material for nights when sleep seems elusive*

I snapped back into reality, however, when the sound waves resonating from the general vicinity of my professor reached my ears, bounced along the necessary boundaries of my ear canal, hit my ear drums, converted into energy my nerves were capable of carrying and were then transduced into information my mind comprehended.

*another note to self: Do not listen to much to your Sensation and Perception class. It will turn you into Frankenstein and rip your non-existent social life into shreds. *

"My father is 94. And there's nothing wrong with him except for the fact that he's, well, OLD.", my professor uttered. It would be good to add at this point that my professor is already married, has children, and has a head crowned with an abundant amount of gray hair. He is also considered to be an esteemed member of the SENIOR faculty in my department.
The word seemed to echo in my head for an eternity. The way he said it, it was like being old was a disease that MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. As if going through the cycle of aging was tantamount to having your arm cut off, being diagnosed with cancer and having on and off kidney failure. It was as if he, himself, wasn't...(you get the idea)

Maybe I over-reacted when he said that but believe me, you'll love the next inspiring thought that enters his head (Hallmark should make cards with this on the front cover. They'd make a killing out of all the children who would buy it for their own LOVABLE dads):
"I really think he's ready to die. It's just that it hasn't happened yet."

Ah yes, with age does come true wisdom.


jaz said...

Hey ya, Cargwaps - I just set up my first blog here and pressed the "next blog" button and - voila! There was your post! I'm doing the writing thing, too been working on my first "novel" since last March and totally relate to the comments about workshopping. I just remember George Carlin's quote that "Many more books have been written because writers need to write than because readers need to read" or words similar to that. I'll check back - I like the joycean stream-of-consciousness style of your words. warmest regards, jaz.

cargwaps said...

hi jaz! thank you for your visit! good luck on your novel! although it is nice to have other people read your work and relate to it, just being able to write is the greatest satisfaction writers will ever get from their own work. ^___^
more power to you!

Kat said...

I think im weird because when i read this, i burst out laughing. I could'nt control myself.

And i call myself old. LOL. nice, nice, nice.

big kisses to your old man. cheers!

blue rogue said...

I really think he's ready to die. It's just that it hasn't happened yet.

straight out of the horse's mouth, eh?

if hallmarks have quotes like these, i won't have to wrack my head thinking of birthday gifts.

Anonymous said...

i like your humor. your style is powerful. your reader though should be as good as you are to deserve you... but i guess you don't really mind if only a few of us could grasp the beauty of your thoughts and, yes, your writing.
don't stop.


cargwaps said...

thank you for dropping by kat and blue rogue! it's an honor to have the demi-gods of extraplanar visit my site. ^____^

hello arkhe! kilala kita eh. hehe. thank you sa comment. nahiya naman ako. *blush blush*