Wednesday, September 14, 2005

my father is so adorable!!!!

Three days ago, my mom went to Sri Lanka to attend a forum. As expected, we're all proud of her and we're all really happy that she's been given this opportunity. What surprised me, however, is the e-mail i got from my dad the day after my mom left for Sri Lanka. (She's only going to be away for ten days.) I thought the e-mail was so adorable that I've decided to post it here (I think my dad would have posted this on his own blog if he had one).

Liham sa Aking Asawa na nasa Labas ng Bansa:

*That's what he calls my mom.*

Miss na kita.

I hope that you are enjoying every minute of your out-of-the-country experience.
I am sure na marami kang kwento pag balik mo.
Promise, I’ll give you my ears one-hundred-fifty-five percent pag dating mo--on one condition: pasalubong ko.
Pero if it will be a problem, never mind. I can live without any pasalubong.
It is you I want. It is you I love. (and is it you they are talking about?)

Jacob went to CDO today to bump heads with YFCs. Their venue: SM. He is probably just going to enrich his love life, to which I have no objection whatsoever.

Esau brought home two chicks yesterday: one was tall, and the other, much shorter (but probably taller by a few ml than Vicky Morales of Miranda, MF, Buk.). Both are from Manila and work with yellow cab, and will probably be stationed here for quite awhile to supervise store affairs; which store, by the way, is still being put up on the SM garage building.
While we were eating lunch, I asked the shorter one if she has a bf from cdo. She said, “wala po”. I asked the taller one the same question. She said “meron po”. I asked her the family name of her bf. The shorter one answered for the taller one and said, “Real”. And the three of them (that includes Esau) were looking at each other like silly, and were uttering gibberish jokes only the three of them understood. So, I just pretended not to care or understand. Question: should I object or pretend to object or leave things as they are?
*my older brother and his real girlfriend (they've been together for 4 years, probably it's been longer but i stopped counting at 4, had a quarrel after they read this.) *

I have not heard anything from the twins today. They are probably busy with their studies today, Sunday. Anyway, I hope they will text me at seven pm tonight. It shall surely make my day and will put a happy smile on my right-this-very-moment lonely predisposition.
*my sister cried after reading this. that's probably because we didn't text him. ahehehe.*

Yan muna for today.

Love you mama!

Le jeune (Real)
*I have no idea where this came from. Why didn't anyone tell me my father was FRENCH???*

I think most of you would agree that it would be really nice to read something like this when it comes from your dad who's writing it for your mom. However, after reading it, I only have one question in mind, WHY DID HE SEND IT TO ME, MY SISTER AND MY MOM'S SISTER AND NOT TO MY MOTHER???? Haaa...I think this is what they meant when they said "It's the thought that counts." *sigh sigh sigh*


Christopher! said...

Thanks for your comments on my page. Your blog is great, though I don't speak the language you use part of the time.

I'm trying to get a number of people to try and solve the "identity" puzzle, to get some media attention for a book I wrote which I can't get published. All the clues are real. I encourage you to tell anyone you think might get a kick out of it. Any help you can give me would be great. Thanks again.

maLen said...

sweet thing. :D

isha said...

AAANG Cuuute

cargwaps said...

emperor of nothing, thank you also for visiting. good luck with your puzzle! ^___^

malen, shucks! thank you for visting! i hope you drop by again.

isha, hehe. nagulat nga rin ako sa dad ko eh. ^___^