Tuesday, February 27, 2007

when sunrise is still a dream

The night hosts a sea of darkness as we hide in the pause of our prolonged purgatory. Resting place of the weary. Haunting grounds of waiting souls.

"Are you cold?", you ask, straining to sit closer.

"Not at all," I whisper knowing no sound will bridge the barren space around you.

(It must have been so hard for you. We were so unhappy. )
Tears course down your soft cheeks. What can I do but hold you?

"I'm happy. I've always been so happy."

And the night watches, cradling my lies, forgiving me my inconsistencies.


anonymous moose said...

Hmmm... ^__^

Anonymous said...

sounds excruciatingly familiar... only sense of guilt and loss after that attempt to make the other feel better.

Rax said...

there are "black lies, white lies and many shades of gray lies" we do them for a reason, the most common is when it involves another. it can't be helped. but we do pay a price. as i'm sure you've found out.

On the other hand, some people would rather cling to your lies, either because they fear truth or it's so much easier to believe. so really, it can't be helped...

cargwaps said...

anonymous moose,
anong "hmmm" ka dyan? :p

welcome. i know what you mean. in an effort to cover it up, the emptiness just gets wider inside you.

lies can be useful but they can be helped. it's always a choice. maybe it's just easier to give in.