Friday, February 02, 2007

first meetings

In the beginning, there was only the spark of something, barely an inkling of familiarity, and only a sense of a rather awkward hesitation. There never arose a need to act. For action would, in its typically vulgar manner, destroy the anticipation cleverly hidden in our brief and tight-lipped encounters.

Polite conversation. A brief nod. Perhaps a small smile every now and again. A clever story about common friends if luck allowed. Supressed glances. The fanning of cheeks that have become much too affected. Pleasantries. An indescribable attraction to describing the weather. And the widening gap that lingers in between.

Because at the very start of everything, there is only the turning over of possibilities in the presence of famished silence.


blue rogue said...

Hmmm...I don't know what to make if this one. Is it a poetic prose or a prose poem?

Still. Irrelevant musings. I'd rather talk about your own musings.

I like this one because it gives me two perspectives: outside and inside. I am looking at your fidgeting and grasping at conversation straws and i am also looking inside your head, privy to what you are thinking.

And I was thinking. Perhaps if you have said this piece out loud, you have an absolute chance of making someone smile. :)

anonymous moose said...

ah yes, the small talk that you wish would develop into something a lot more than just pleasantries and his and hellos. ^__^

blacksou| said...

oh the magic of the first's. it is always poetic.even the accidents.which i might add, i had a few.

thnks for reading my stuff :)

im enjoying yours too :)

Rackoy said...

first meetings' awkward silences, small talk, shallow pleasantries can always be remedied by an injection of laughter. Tried and tested ;)

cargwaps said...

blue rogue,
it's good to have you back. ^__^ it's funny, i actually did say something like this piece to someone. didn't quite get the reaction i thought i would. well, i guess it's the thought that counts. -_-'

anonymous moose,
but sometimes i wonder if it isn't better to just leave things the way they are. hanging. =1

thank you for visiting. it's always a treat to have a new face around here. accidental firsts? now isn't that something i'd like to read about. :) do come again. ^_^

thanks for the advice! will be sure to add an experimental dose of humor here and there.haha. *winks right back* ;)

Cocaine Jesus said...

poetry or prose?
who cares?
why bag everything?
this is good. good to read.

anonymous moose said...

Well, that really depends on you. You don't know how things'll turn out - it's either you win a million bucks or go bankrupt. If you like him enough, maybe it's going to be worth the risk. If not, well, you can't win 'em all. ^__^

Rax said...

hmmm a lot of maybes... bah! just go with your gut, everything will come to light sooner or later. just enjoy the moment. Firsts are usually remembered and talked about more later on... so go make good memories, even silent ones :)