Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Maybe it's something as simple as eating ice cream on a bench together. With the still night sky not being particularly clear and a patient moon not seeming at all that extraordinary. A plain evening with all its routines and customary bothers. No soft music or dimmed candlelights. No traces of roses or promises of a stolen kiss. No furtive glances or increased heart rates. Nothing at all. Just ice cream and being together.


anonymous moose said...

Ayos! (wink wink) Seem like you now have a reason to smile. Cheers!

anonymous moose said...

seems*. sorry.

Cocaine Jesus said...

ice cream and a patient moon. what could be better than that?

Rackoy said...

aaahhh comfortable silence and ice cream. one of my fantasies :) you are lucky...

Chamki said...

You are lovely.
Not just your blog.
Thanks for dropping by.
I'm fortunate to have found your writing.
Mine I think has become increasingly difficult.

cargwaps said...

anonymous moose,
haha! yes, it seems like i do. ^__^
thank you for dropping by.

i can actually think of something better: ice cream, a patient moon and...MORE ICE CREAM! ;p

it's nice to have you visit. i do hope you get to fulfill that fantasy. :) by the way, what happened to your posts on extraplanar?

thank you for the sweet comment. i hope you'll visit again. keep on writing. i absolutely adore your poem entitled A road trip to my heart. :)

Rackoy said...

I bequeathed it to my master blue rogue... hehe, actually i wanted to add posts that were non poetry related. and i didnt want to maintain 2 blogs. :)

cargwaps said...

i've seen your new blog. i'm looking forward to reading more of your pieces (poetry or not). :)