Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When there is simply

the primal urge

to write,

the desire

without the forms it is wont to come in,

words become


and the medium that they travel in

becomes nothing more than a





anonymous moose said...

I can completely understand that feeling. You start off toying with an great idea in your head, you make a rough mental outline, then when it comes to putting it down on paper, it turns out as something less than what you thought it'd be.

is it just me or do i detect a feeling of depression? all things, good AND BAD, come to an end. cheer up! ^___^

blue rogue said...

inadequate. perhaps. but no less immortal. besides, inadequacy only spurns to cover more ground, more heights, more...meaning.

and a writer's greatest weakness is that urge to fill the void. :)

cargwaps said...

anonymous moose
no depression here. just the problematic obstacle called writer's block. ^__^ ... i keep making guesses about who you are. i wish you would sate my curiosity by revealing your name. *sighs* :)

blue rogue!!!
my goodness!where have you been? you have been SORELY missed! get back to writing and never ever again take such a long break from bloggin. nagsabay pa kayo ni soulless! tsktsk. :)
about your comment, amen! may we never be struck by an evil bout of long windedness in our prose! ^__^

anonymous moose said...

hahaha! maybe one of these days. ^__^ it suits me just fine to comment for now. *thumbs up*

hmmm... not depressed eh? thats good. ^__^ but you like being melancholy, don't you? :)

cargwaps said...

haha! it's probably just that i only get to write when i'm in that kind of mood. =1

since i'm dying to know who you are. and since you're sticking to your guns that you're not revealing your identity, how about we come to a compromise? you give me clues about who you are and i get to guess. what do you think? ^__^

(i have a feeling i know you. and it's awfully unfair that you know who i am and i have no idea who you are.) puhleeez? c",)

anonymous moose said...

uh... i think it'd be more unfair (for me) if you knew who i was.

same here. i seem to write better when im sad. :)

cargwaps said...

anonymous moose
and the plot thickens...

anonymous moose said...


see, the good thing about being anonymous is that things are simpler that way. i simply comment, and you simply respond. no more, no less.

di ba? ^__^

cargwaps said...

anonymous moose
i guess. good for you and terribly frustrating for me. =1 (because i'm pretty sure i'm supposed to know who you are ^__^)

_Soulless_ said...

Tame the void. Don't stay lost in it too long. As a writer, use it. "Fish" in it. (And I am at times quite fascinated when I get to read "writer's block" poems -- substance in irony, eh?). Cheers.

anonymous moose said...

maybe one of these days. interesting, that line you used. "I'm supposed to know you." hahaha. wala lang.

ONT: i think writer's block is overrated. i think its normal for every writer to experience dry spells now and then. of course, some more than others. but still, not too big a thing to get hung up on. if you're dry, find water. heehee. ^___^

besides, i think we all have too high standards for ourselves. but i think thats a good thing - it allows for constant improvement, or at least the desire for it. ^___^

gel said...

excellent form for the feelings in your poem!

gel said...

(also so glad you implored blue rogue to write! I've missed his writing for months!)

Kain Sicilian said...

I can feel the poem through me... the frustrations when i cannot write... urgh...