Wednesday, December 06, 2006


the radiance hidden in the locks of your hair

tumble across your shoulders,

spill over and across your silent frame,

rise with the steady cadence of your breathing.

in awkward leaps, my heart traverses the barrenness

separating my being from your own,

stretching across the contours of your figure,

moving in rapture with the new knowledge of your touch

at the beck of sinuous magic entwined in this wordless worship,

this homage to the sacred temple of your soul,

the unseen boundaries veiling my purpose waver

and i lie, once more, in perfect surrender at the center of your existence


anonymous moose said...

hindi ako magcocomment. :)

pero teka, diba comment na 'to? hahaha! ^__^

literary taste is relative. that being said, i am envious of your imagery. your language, on the other hand, well, could be better. IMHO lang naman po. Yabang literary critc daw oh! *embarrassed laugh* just telling you what i think. cheers! ^__^

_Soulless_ said...

Like making love upon waking up from a cue of a puncture of needle-compact warmth from a fingertip-worship of a lover's touch. ^_^

(I feel like a voyeur, in the dark, behind the curtain-less window. With the crickets. *chuckles*) Uhurm. Seriously, thank you for the peek at such tenderness.

Cocaine Jesus said...

you are really writing some fantastic lines now.
so tender and gentle and yet warm and sensual.

Anonymous said...

sensual indeed

anonymous moose said...

Hey, it's been awhile since you last posted. You okay?

Happy new year!