Sunday, March 12, 2006


the clouds conspire with the stars
as they brood over the doings of mankind;
speaking of devils they've hidden under the earth;
talking of the changing of the leaves;
laughing about Luna's vanity;
and whispering,

whispering of the tiny figure in the middle of the field
crying out to the void around her;
sobbing out in a language that created all that is;
begging desperately for courage as she
chokes on the bitter tears that only the dimmest hope can give.

i'm not sure yet. but i think this may be my last post for a very long while. there are some things that are too important and too sacred to sell for a couple of poems or maybe a few good stories. this time, i'll let it wash over me. this time, the words will have to wait. this time, i'll say it: out loud, to his face, with tears streaming down, and nothing holding me back. it's about time i learn what it means to be strong. thank you for telling her that. "si car ang pinakaimportanteng tao sa buong mundo." maybe next time i post, he'll understand what it means. hope never ends where love never fails.


Cocaine Jesus said...

farewell sweet poet. make sure that you come back when you are ready too.

Max Bouillet said...

I beg you not to go... I haven't been on as much as I would have liked to, but I still like feeling your words and reading your soul.

cargwaps said...

cocaine jesus,
thank you. i'll come back. soon. i hope. i'm sorry to go but somehow, there are things that even writing cannot heal.

such a sweet comment. thanks max. i'll be back. i just need to get through this. maybe someday, when i'm ready, i'll write about this. but not now. for now, in tribute of the heaven i've tasted, i'll reamain silent and treasure the pain of letting go.

blue rogue said...


I love everything about this poem. It's like one continuous scene that engulf stars and moon and fields and tears and sighs. Reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting were the comfort is in delusion.


cargwaps said...

blue rogue,
your comment is too generous. thank you. i blush to receive such words from a genius such as yourself.^__^