Saturday, November 15, 2008


it's something that you never think will happen to you or someone you know. i found out only minutes ago and my only thought was to write. i cannot cry or scream. i cannot feel anger. i just feel an overwhelming need to write. as if writing will turn it into something it is not.

it is just a story. a story that is distant. make-believe. a story that will end. please God let us wake up from this. i fumble for words of comfort. words that will never reach her soul. maybe if i wrote better i could write for her. write beautiful words that would tell her about a future she can still have. words that would take away the finality of what she had to go through.

what do i tell her now? how will i face her knowing that smile is no longer the same? she is pure. she is pure and innocent. it is not she who has been stained.


C.J.Duffy said...

Without knowing the detail, and I have no wish to intrude, this strikes me a desperately sda; bruised even.

On another and brighter note, I really like the design of your site!

cargwaps said...

thanks for the visit c.j. bruised is a very appropriate word.

anonant said...

"It is not she who has been stained"
That speaks loudly and to the point, we that is all people are hurt by any extreme suffering.
T Leary said once "If any member of a society is hurt the whole society is hurting." I dont know the story but I can feel the hurt of it.
Nice layout!

floreta said...

i can only imagine what this is about.
i can feel the sense of urgency.

cargwaps said...

thank you for sharing Leary's beautiful words. thanks for the visit. i dropped by your site. i like what i saw and will drop by again when i have the time. :)

until now i can't find the words to tell this story. maybe in time i will be able to share this with all of you.