Friday, November 14, 2008


Loving you is jumping off a rock
72 feet high
into white waters.


zee said...

hmmm... this can be construed both ways. it may be an adrenaline rush (if you're into cliff jumping) or suicide. short and succinct.

gel said...

Hi- saw your comment at CJ's and I remember you! (I'm not sure if I used to post on your blog as Silvermoon though) Anyway, I also see this as a few ways of interpretation but different than above commenter, only because I don't get the feeling of suicide even though that could be one case.

I feel you're showing the feeling of ecstasy and that leap into the unknown? I wonder what you feel though? White Waters are full of challenges. Good choice of words here for love is not a smooth emotion.

cargwaps said...


thanks for sharing your take on the post. for me, the drop was more of a mixture of exhiliration and perhaps trepidation. At the beginning, it's impossible to understand what you feel. Mid-jump, everything is elevated. And when you finally reach the water, everything tingles from the pure joy of the event. :) i think love, the jump (when you finally take it), is different for everyone.

hello! i'm so glad to find you on my blog again. i remember you. and you used to post on my blog as gel. :)

as i said to zee, i too feel ecstasy, excitement, a rush but also something that tries to hold you back because (as you aptly put it) of the leap into the unknown.

i'm glad you noticed the use of white waters. love is not a smooth emotion? indeed! the jump is only the start. when you land, only then does love truly begin. :)

thank you for dropping by gel. you take care. :)