Saturday, February 09, 2008

untold myths and legends

She was unaware. She could not know the power she had then. How could she? How could she with that laughter? How could she with her flushed cheeks and tenderness? She could not know. I would never have had the arrogance to tell her.

You were beautiful. How could you have known that in that instant, I was captivated, enamored, shipwrecked on the rocks guarding your siren soul, twin to nymphs and wind faeries?

It was because of that brief meeting of our eyes that life has gone on without merit. Seconds to hours. And yes, these hours will turn into years. What I would give to see her again. Even if at the side of another. Even if to see her smile in the arms of another. She has stolen my dignity and my days have been spent pining with passion for a look, for even just a second glance of love that she spun so easily into her lore.


Billy said...

I especial like the second paragraph. A very nice piece of work -:) You have a wonderful blog full of wonderful prose and poetry!

cargwaps said...

Thank you thank you billy. I truly appreciate the comment. I've been to your blog and enjoyed reading your work. Masterful. :) I will be back to haunt your posts! ^__^

Rob Hopcott said...

I like the way you start right in the thick of the action and then stay with it right the way through to the end.

Great writing :-)