Tuesday, January 01, 2008


falling stars. descending slowly, deliberately.
waiting for someone to catch them, for rescue
a knight perhaps, or just someone brave enough
to break the enchantment before they touch water

pixie dust or fairy powder all too soon released
from the hands of an escaping nymph of lore
streaking through the sky, upwards
destined for neverland or somewhere just as forgotten, lost

unnamed glitter-sprinkled arthropods, skittering, trailing down
the length of a deep onyx curtain
highlighting fringes, pleats, at times entire lengths
at times creating a mesmerizing veil of their own

past lovers, shooting up in a moment of ecstasy
broken down, torn apart, brought slowly back to earth
unaware of love having lost its flavor
as it scatters around them, beautiful for that instant but soon gone

droplets of fire and color in which we dance
regressing back to childhood, holding hands
clapping in joy and shouting at the promise of rebirth
a rain of new hope of forgetting, rebuilding and being together

- = happy new year everyone = -

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