Thursday, December 06, 2007

(un) fettered

it is too small for me, this thing you call life.
i have tried blending in only to find myself
confined, claustrophobic, suffocated into non-being

i find myself breaking into sweat, forming fluid-filled thoughts
of doubt and compromise, of drowning into conformity
fabricated existence, desperation crawling out of every orifice

breathing in. breathing out. stretching every breath to make it last.
to make it last. to make it count. count for what?
everything they write of, sing for, and bleed into, eludes me

1 comment:

'soulless' said...

Ironic, isn't it. How, in two breaths, we straddle both the desire to be different (in a level-up, adored kind of way) and the desire to belong (the 'pack' syndrome).

I sometimes wonder if self-acceptance is, er, less difficult in a vacuum. Heehee. Napapa-iling na lang ako.