Sunday, September 02, 2007

something new

it felt good to finally do something new. i hadn't realized that life had become monotonous. don't get me wrong, having a routine isn't bad. but somehow it felt extremely good to do something fresh.

it was fun, doing soccer drills in the rain. it was even more fun to actually play soccer for the first time in my life. i knew only a handful of the people who were there but oddly enough, i was comfortable. i'd never been filthier in my whole life and yet it was completely refreshing. it was just what i needed, i suppose.

i wouldn't trade my first passion for anything in the world but i guess we all need a break, even from the things we love to do most. yesterday was a good day. it was good to be that person who sucked and had no idea what to do. it was gratifying to know that simply kicking the ball (even to the opponent) earned you a pat on the back and a few words of praise. it was fun. i'd forgotten what fun was. pure and simple fun from which you could walk away without feeling drained and completely out of it.

i went home wearing something i owned, something i borrowed, something disposable (thanks laya), and not wearing something that i should've been wearing. :) i looked a mess and i'm sure i wasn't completely mud-free yet but i didn't care. and it felt good not to care.

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