Thursday, September 13, 2007

i miss you guys

how does it happen exactly, the parting of friends? it seems so long ago when i was part of your life. and yet, when i think of you, nothing has changed. i remember. and yes, maybe it's an imperfect memory. details blurred. dates mixed and tangled. the telling is always different. but maybe that's what makes it so priceless. treasured stories of each other we keep hidden in shoe boxes, in books that accumulate with dust, in pages we turn over and over again. an attempt to recapture moments. different for each of us. we take away only what we found beautiful and worthwhile. sometimes, it's a small thing. but with us, it was always entire days of images flashing through the mind.

remember we promised to always be there for each other? remember those crazy ideas of opening a shop together? something for everyone right? (which for us meant food) but how could we possibly be good at that when we were too busy enjoying ourselves? and so the plan bloomed, involving the paths we chose to take. nurses and a doctor for a hospital, and a lawyer for all the screw-ups we were bound to make.

but dreams like ours have a funny way of remaining just that, dreams. i don't know anymore what you do during your free time. i don't know what drove you insane today. or what crazy new inside joke you have. we have different lives and different people have come to fill the roles we used to have with each other. a new laugh. a new set of arms to fall into.

i miss you guys.

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