Tuesday, August 30, 2005

sheer boredom

here i am again, sleepless and bored. i wish i weren't so lazy. i wish i could write something more worthwhile. but then again, we all need a reprieve from the heavier parts of our souls.

i haven't posted in quite a long time. my blog looks rather empty. i wish i could be more faithful in posting. but then again, i've never been to good at keeping things the way they should be.

i still haven't installed the new template i want for my blog. perhaps it's because i don't understand all the code that's supposed to be there. i had to choose a blogger template because my experiment with the template i downloaded didn't work. in the process, i have lost my HTML code for both my site meter and my chatterbox. i now have no idea how to get them back and therefore have to sign up for a new one. i should do it now while i have the time. but i know that after posting this, i will slowly drift off to other things.

i wish i weren't so lazy.

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