Wednesday, January 20, 2010

unbroken (prayers for Haiti)

the air is dense with the memory of the lost
maybe in time, this too will define us

a child walking out to fall into hands bloodied from clawing at debris
a mother left underneath or perhaps already with the pile rotting on the streets

a lover finding his love, unresponsive but alive nonetheless
let the crushing pain echo out- it is a good sign that she isn't dead

a man pushing on. adrenaline comes when the cries become fainter.
what does it matter when death haunts even those above the rubble?

what does it mean to be saved?
is it to be awakened, brought out to learn hell is more palpable than was taught us?

it is to be assured that holding out a few days in the desperation
and to be found can mean hope to others fighting to survive

it means the flooding of life back to those waiting and still struggling.
hold out a little bit longer. help is on the way.


i've been following the news about Haiti and everyone who's suffering there. my heart bleeds for the families of those who are still underneath the rubble. and i can't help but feel a silent desperation at the thought of those who are suffering on the streets for lack of food and shelter. i hardly know them but i still believe and hold out hope that those 3 filipinos will be found and reunited with their families. i echo Farie's sentiments when she said, let's pray. someone needs to believe that miracles can happen in this terrible disaster. and in a way, miracles have.

a girl was found by her father and boyfriend and everyone told them that they should throw her body along with the pile of corpses on the streets. she was unresponsive, and her eyes were corpse-like: open wide, unseeing. they persisted and brought her to the doctors. even there they were told that the girl's body should be thrown out. (there are so many who need help and so few there to give it that this reaction was understandable) only one medic found enough energy in him to bend down and check the girl's pulse. she was alive.

a 2 year old girl was pulled out of the rubble. they heard her crying and when they lifted the debris, she walked right out towards her rescuers. people were still found alive after almost a week after they were buried alive. rescue was said to be futile after 3-4 days without water.

miracles happen. if you're reading this, please pray for the people in Haiti. not just for those who are still lost. also for those who have no food and shelter. resources are so scarce that even those who survived the earthquake face the reality of death at the hands of starvation and disease. riots are breaking out. hope is slowly fading. surely we all have time to offer even just one prayer.

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