Monday, February 16, 2009

i wait as you follow luna

you crash over me like breakwater at high tide
it is never pleasant to be soaked
to the skin with my socks still on

but comfort is relinquished in your presence
i am silenced to acceptance
and accede to the onslaught of the spray

i will stand and let the barrage wash over me
i will stand and let the water take its toll
i will stand and watch when you finally recede


Boo Radley said...

I love how vivid your words are. How have you been cargwarps?

I have a wordpress blog now. Can I put you in my blog roll?

cargwaps said...

hello boo! it's been a long time. i've been doing well. how about you? :)

you can definitely put me on your blog roll. (i'm honored that you would ask) i hope you can leave a link to your wordpress blog. ^_^

Boo Radley said...


Managed to put you on my blogroll.

gentle said...

this poem left me with a heavy heart. REALLY heavy heart. beautifully sad..

cargwaps, can i include you in my blogroll?

please do check me out too, if you've time. :)

gentle said...

oops, my poetry site is here:

cargwaps said...


thank you for the comment. feel free to add my blog on your blog roll. :)

i'll be sure to visit your site soon. thanks. :)