Saturday, January 31, 2009

at goodbye

And your heart bleeds whole translucent
drops of love that can't be saved
that continues but will not hold.

It is unbearable and your lips move
releasing a cry that began
before time was noted.

from the depths of a suffocating self-abyss
the pain is not relevant
only mind-breaking loneliness exists.

The night holds questions
only a broken heart understands.

*written for nats


anonant said...

Only a broken heart understands!
Is it true that if your heart has never been broken it does not know love?
Very nice!

cargwaps said...

i'm not the person to answer that question. to know the answer we'd have to meet someone who's heart has not yet been broken. hmm?

cargwaps said...

by the way, anonant, why is it that i can't access your site anymore?

anonant said...

I see why you cant get to my site, my profile has been deactivated. Let me fix that!