Saturday, August 30, 2008


the lie is that love exists
in rose-colored auras and
heady perfumes

love does not exist
it is created
it was born into non-being

born from eyes singing a song
of inacceptance
and perhaps, if you allow, regret

it was with your leaving
that you proclaimed love unable,
an elusive myth in a world of hard truths


faye said...

that last stanza made me hold my breath. wow. another good one. :-D

Damsel said...

thus, love can assume many identities. i like the subject matter of this poem! :) nice.

cargwaps said...

hehe. thank you. :) undeserved praise. ;p

hi, thank you for leaving a comment on my page. :) love can assume many identities indeed. to each his own? hehe

Zee said...

i found your blog through faye, prior to the mysterious disappearance of her blog. i love what i see and will return to read more. i hope you don't mind that i already added you to my meager list of links.

S.L. Corsua said...

Hey, Car. I've been gone for a few months, and now I catch up on your writings, only to sense that you are going through something major. I dearly hope you are in better spirits now (a month has passed since your last post). I worry about you, iha, please be well. *hug*

cargwaps said...

thank you for dropping by. i don't mind at all that you added my blog to your links. :) do visit again.

i'm not quite used to your new name yet. i hope you don't mind me calling you soulless.

thank you for your concern. i'm fine. the posts are inspired by books i've been reading and movies i've been watching. not really indicative of my current state of affairs. :) how are you? i've missed you. i hope to drop by your blog soon. take care. ^__^

floreta said...

love is often not enough :(

the beatles were wrong about that..