Thursday, August 09, 2007

when i said i loved you

when i said i loved you, i didn't mean to say that i like you.
it was an offering, an outright approval
of certain personal favorites that only i could have possibly had about you.
it was an assent, an acceptance
of the infinite number of things that might go wrong
and the wee bit that already had.

when i said i needed you, it was not to mean for always.
not to perfect me, or mold me into someone only you would think as better.
not to appose myself to your rather stiff frame for fear of becoming nothing away from it.
it was a basic need i spoke of, a primal urge, one that when quenched may be ignored.
it was, in actuality, myself i pertained to. you have kept with you replicas of myself.
it is that which i need.

when i said i love you, i never should have said only you.
but in saying i needed you, did you not see my purpose?
it was to say i would love you most of all.

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